This is such an exciting time for Summer of Surf, progress is moving at light speed, surf has been fun, with the exception of a few blown out days, kids are surfing and having a blast and we are only half way through summer! Great summer movies are coming out at the theatre and some not so great, but that’s life and amidst all this, there is some huge breaking news in the surfing world…  

Our friends at Patagonia announced the release of the PSI Vest (Personal Surf Inflation), I’ve been following the development and R&D of this vest for about 5-years now and it is out! Whooya!

The PSI gives you an extra margin of ‘safety’, if there is such a thing in Big Wave Surfing, but the PSI is another tool in you skill-set that will help you survive the Unridden Realm. Check out the Patagonia website at for more information and some great video.

The other point of interest is the BWAG, their website is Big Wave Assessment Group educates and trains Surfers in risk management, safety protocols, equipment, technology and skills training with the bottom line of elevating safety in the lineup and for individuals.

There is a Global Safety Summit coming up on the North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii in the first week of December 2017. 

We also have some big news, one of our own, Minga, and her art is being featured at Lady Makers Art Show & Market, the event is being hosted by Ventura’s own Mae West Brewing Co. the show is Celebrating Women who make Awesome Things! If you not already there, go, it is very cool! 

This is truly a Summer of Surf!