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We love Patti at Coolie Surf, our friends at Perfect Day Surf Camp introduced us to Coolie Surf when we needed our new rash guards and the relationship has been amazing. Patti even delivered our rash guards to us on the beach while we were having a camp session, talk about 5-Start Service! Our Surfers know how to test the limits of any product, especially rash guards, and they have held-up great. The screening of our logo has survived countless days on the sand and in the water, along with the abrasion of surf wax and body boards, bottom line…we love Coolies!



We have used O’Neill wetsuits and products for since the 1970’s, in the 1950’s Jack invented the neoprene wetsuit and thanks to his son Pat we have surf leashes! Pat invented the surf leash in 1971 their creations changed the surfing world. Granted, the first leash was made of surgical tubing and the board returned to you faster that went away from you! So fast it caused his father to lose his eye, of course in typical Jack O’Neill fashion, he got an eye patch and incorporated the look into his marketing. We can also thank Jack for coining the phrase ‘Surf Shop’ and one of my all-time favorite marketing slogans about his wetsuits…’It’s always summer of the inside.’ O’Neill is truly an icon of the surf industry, and, he was our friend. We lost Jack on June 2, 2017, but we all benefited so much from his 94-years on the planet.



Summer of Surf has used Sticky Bumps wax for years and it keeps us on our boards so we are happy! They have wax for all sorts of applications and water temperatures, we use mostly ‘Cool’ for our area, but Jamie was impressed with their ‘Tropical’ on his last surf adventure in the South Pacific. Back in 1954 John Dahl was using paraffin wax that sold for .25 cents a pound and was really the only thing available at the time. By 1959 the idea of surf wax and a surf wax company was taking shape. In 1963 the first commercial surf wax comes on the market and it’s called…

‘Surf Wax’ By 1967 surfers are pushing the limits and performance surfing is growing and surfers want more traction. While skiing in Utah in 1970 John creates ‘U.S. Skiwax Co.’ and then in 1971 John founds Wax Research, Inc. and Sticky Bumps is born! Next, through the miracles of science and John and his Team, Sticky Bumps helps surfers push the limits. By the 1990’s technology and surfers are changing and pushing the envelope at almost light speed, discovering incredible moves that are requiring incredible traction and Sticky Bumps is keeping us on our boards!



Custom X Body boards and leashes are new to Summer of Surf but their ‘Monster’ leash is a tank! I have been worked in heavy surf and they have never broken, their body boards are lighting fast and super-durable. Custom X is a local, Oceanside, California, that has been around for 25-years and their crew of Jacob VanderVelde, Dan Worley, Evan Fa, Chris Schegel and Bob Kithcart are constantly pushing the limits and providing feedback to keep this ever-evolving powerhouse of a body boarding company growing and progressing. Their history is so interesting, check out their website, you’ll love it! I recently had the opportunity to try The Hack, that thing is 22” of pure fun, also new this year is the Xi series of body boards, if you don’t know about Custom X, you should!



We’ve known Yvon Chouinard of Patagonia fame before there was a Patagonia clothing company. I met him in early 1970 as a young grommet, I used to surf C Street and then head over to his tin shed to watch him forge equipment and listen to inspiring climbing and surfing tales. I watched Patagonia become the model of what a company should be; we all own so many wonderful clothing items they have created. I have hundreds of pounds of old climbing hardware he produced through Chouinard Equipment, Ltd. I’ve climbed routes he put up, I have owned a couple of the original Rugby shirts and my favorite shorts in the world are Baggies 5”, which I wear all the time, a close second are Stand Up Shorts. Patagonia has been a company that has made us a better company, they have pushed limits, and made changes based on ethics and not on the bottom line and they have made us think and live ‘out-of-the-box.’ Their environmental stewardship has made our planet a better place for us all. Fletcher and his company FCD Surfboards has pushed the limits of surfboard shaping and material development. Best of all, were neighbors, our office is just down the street from there’s, we can get a Patagonia Fix whenever we need one!