Pita's Post #8

Hi Campers, Pita here checking in on your summer of surfing and other adventures, hoping you are all having Big Fun. The surf has been fun, the weather has been great, I’m still hiking and going to the beach everyday even with all my official responsibilities has Office-Surf Dog of our programs. My humans are continuing to take me to my more advanced swim lessons and my office visits are getting a bit longer but that’s ok, I have lots of friends at both.

Today I wanted to talk about something very important to me and our beach and oceans…

TRASH!!!!! I took a walk on the beach the other day and you would not believe all the junk I found there! It was almost scary, there I was enjoying our beautiful beach and I starting stepping on all sorts of things that don’t belong on our beaches! 

We have some great friends that have made it their life mission to keep our oceans and waterways clean and healthy and I want to share what they do and we want to become part of their commitment as well. 

H2O Trash Patrol, www.h2otrashpatrol.com  has a mission of ‘Marine Conservation & Water Stewardship through Marine Debris Removal, Prevention and Education’ what that all means…

They pick-up trash someone else has thoughtlessly left in our water!!! Thank you H2O Trash Patrol, by patrolling those hard to reach corners of waterways on SUP’s (Stand Up Paddleboards) Surfers Lorenzo and Patti successfully prevented more than 5,900 pounds of junk from reaching our oceans and beaches! Way to go H2O Trash Patrol…Thank you! 

So Surfers, lets help them out, don’t throw your junk in our waterways, pick-up your trash, spread the word bout what H2O Trash Patrol is doing, follow their example, volunteer, help them out, help ourselves out, help our ocean out! Trash goes in a trash can, NOT our waterways and ocean!

 Check out H2O Trash Patrol’s website and think before you drop that trash! 

By the way, don’t miss their film Junk in Public if you get a chance, its great! 

All for now,







Pita's Post #7

Hi Surfers, Pita here! I can't believe its already almost half way through July, last time I posted I was enjoying fireworks for the 4th of July, chasing my tail in circles and snuggling with my Humans cuz the fireworks were bothering my ears. But, I made it through that and now we are surfing like crazy, the waves have been great, kids are having fun and I’m getting more walks and runs on the beach, life is good as a Surf-Office Dog!

My Humans have been working on a Surf Van, it is soooo cool, it has everything, tables, a sofa-bed which I can’t wait to try out, a shower, cooking stuff, a really cool ice-chest thing to store my snacks, a surfboard holder, a ladder to the top deck and a pop-up tent thing, it is very cool, especially for Dog Surf Expeditions! More to follow on that soon, but the thing I really want to talk about is sunscreen…DID YOU KNOW DOGS CAN GET SUNBURNED TOO!?!?!

I sure didn’t, I was visiting my Vet; I stop into say “Hi” now and then, plus they give me treats and I do have my picture on the wall, being a ‘Super-Star Celebrity Surf-Office Dog’ and all, plus they are really nice Humans too. Anyway, the Doc told me I have to stay protected from the sun as well…WHAT...I’m a dog! So, I guess its Doggie Zinc for me too!

I guess John and Garrett’s ‘Re-Apply’ song counts for me as well. So Surfers…remember to

‘Re-Apply’ your sunscreen often! Summer of Surf is big believers in Zinc! There is nothing like an SPF 50 Broad Spectrum Zinc Oxide to protect us Surfers from the sun and keep us from getting a bit toasted while playing in our surf!

Speaking of Surf, my Human, Jamie was surfing yesterday and he was joined by a bunch of the original Surfers…Dolphins! There was dozens in the water with him, riding waves right next to him, jumping out of the water, playing, surfing, ‘talking’ with their surfing dolphin buddies, sharing the stoke, I don’t know who had more fun, my Human or the Dolphins, but he was sure excited when he got out of the water! 

Before I go, I hear all my new movie choices for the van ride were good! I did have a little bit of help in picking them out by two of my human friends Pilar and Hannah!

Don’t forget to email me with any Surf-Office Dog questions you have or to just say “Hi”





Pita's Post #6

Hi Surfers,

Pita here, guess what? My humans are home! It was great to see them, cuddle, bark, shake my tail, run and roll around! I missed them, we’ve been running, walking at the beach, we even went by the Summer of Surf office and I saw my other humans, Erik and Pilar, that took care of me while my Mom and Dad where gone, ahhh…it is great to be Surf/Office dog!

Today is The 4th of July, I’m not sure what that all means to us dogs but I do know you humans love feeding us hot dogs today! So, as far as I am concern the 4th of July is a GREAT Holiday. I’ve been practicing my best Patriotic Eyes look…here comes HOT DOGS! Special Note: The under the picnic table Hot Dog Snag is soooo good, all the humans think they are the only one giving me a hot dog!  

Tonight can be a bit scary with all those fireworks going off so I’m just going to hang out in the house with my humans reassuring me it is all just part of the celebrations. It is probably a good idea to just relax inside anyway…I have going to be stuffed with hot dogs!

Guess what Summer of Surf Campers…my human friend Erik got about 20-new movies for our Surf Camp transport! New movies, I can’t wait to watch them all myself!

Have a happy and safe 4th of July and we’ll see you at the beach!






Pita's Post #5

Wow, my humans have been gone over a week now and are due back tomorrow night, I have missed them for sure and I can’t wait until they get home. But, I must admit, I have been having a blast, Pilar and Hannah sleepovers, TONS of attention, snuggling, movies, walks, trips to stores, the harbor, the beach...and all I have to do is switch on the ‘sad-eyes, I miss my Mom and Dad’ look and I even get The Big Guy eating out of my hand! We’ve been to ‘The Wharf’ for dog treats and a ‘Doggie Day’, we’ve checked out surf shops, the cashier at Lowe’s thinks “I’m adorable”, even the scary-looking, tattooed mechanic thinks “I’m cool”, not sure what that meant but he was petting me and smiling when he said it so it must be good!

Now, on to some important tips I’ve learned this week…

-If you have to take medication make your human believe you need a whole bunch of turkey to swallow it!

-When the girls ask you if you want to watch a movie with them…ALWAYS climb up on the couch and snuggle, they always forget how many treats they have given you while their show is on!

-When the Big Guy is scrambling eggs for breakfast remember the ‘I have never eaten before in my life look’ it works every time! Note: This is especially funny because he had just fed me minutes ago, humans…you got to love them, no matter how goofy they are.

-When you are playing catch/fetch with your human, just pretend he is the best pitcher in the world…    

On to something really important…

Sleeping…the strategy to maintain control of the whole bed is simple…when your human lays down, spread out and push them to one side and then give them the puppy-dog eyes look, it works every time, the Big Guy gave up early and just sleeps on the couch, I do love my humans! I get up every morning well-rested and ready for another day of adventure and surfing!

Hot Flash News: We went and got new DVD’s for Surf Camp today! So, next week…new movies for our rides to and from the beach!

Don’t forget to email with any questions you have about all things surfing!   




Pita's Post #4





Pita’s Post #4

Guess what I just found out? My humans are going out of town for a week and my friend Erik and his daughter Pilar and her best friend Hannah are going to stay with me and watch over me! Now, I’m going to tell you how to maximize such a windfall of pure good times…

First and foremost, you have to act like you are totally heartbroken that your humans are leaving, that way when, upon their return, you can get the most loving, snuggling, snacks and extra dog rubs as possible. Remember to also give your humans your best ‘puppy dog eyes’ when they return, it is a guarantee Treat Magnet! As your humans pull away give them that last look like that you will never survive their absence and then as soon as they turn the corner you go to work on your dog-sitter friends.

Here is what I have found out about dog-sitters, there is only two types, the ones that do the bare minimum and then there are the ones that are way over the top and they truly love you…that’s what mine are like! It is the best, they are loving, sweet and…they spoil you big time because they ‘don’t want you to be sad’ … humans are so goofy!

I have 9-days of fun on the beach coming! Dog movies, walks at the harbor, running in the park, sleeping next to Pilar, trips to Petco, special snacks, beach runs and hanging out at the office, this is going to be great!

The big guy even made me a new leash…yea…like I’m going to run away from this gig, humans are so cute! I even heard him talking about having a BBQ on the beach and he told his daughter that they should “cook up something special for me” this is going to be so much fun!

So remember the important points of this type of situation:

-Sad dog eyes are super important.

-Massive tail wagging and totally body shaking is generally good for extra hugs and snacks.

-Good Dog-Sitters rarely know how long your ‘usual’ walks last…haha….

-Set the standards of care you want the very first day they are on the job no there is zero need to re-negotiate the terms of your attention requirements.

-Remind your human Dog-Sitter that bacon is part of your regular DAILY diet.

-Make sure your humans believe that every new dog you meet on your walk is an old friend that you HAVE to spend quite a bit of time with hanging out and catching up!

-Remember…bacon is a DAILY requirement!

Finally…REMEMBER when your humans return break out the sad doggie eyes and act like their absence was the worst experience of your life…then prepared to be spoiled all over again!

Don’t forget you can email anytime at: pita@summerofsurf.com













Pita's Post #3





'Pita's Post' #3

Ok friends, this it, we are going to start a conversation about something very near and dear to my heart...the most comfortable place to crash out, get a few ZZzzz's, soak up the warmth of the sun and all that really important stuff of life!

We, my friend Moose and I, have devoted some serious time to our research into this most important subject manner. I don't really know if our humans understand just how critical this is to ones' quality of life, we keep trying to demonstrate the positive effects, but hey, they are only human!
Beach time = Amazing time.
Taking a nap or a snooze at the beach = Heaven!

Since there is no arguing the value of nap, the only thing really left to discuss is the best thing to take a nap on. Early on I always assumed the beach blanket was the best choice, but then by pure accident I was introduced to the board bag. Those things are great! The bags are huge and they are covered in what looks like aluminum foil so they act like a giant toaster, on a cold afternoon or evening glass those bags have collected warmth and they are wonderful!

Another new addition to my beach snoozes is the wetsuit, neoprene is soooo toasty. They are soft, warm and squishy, if there is a better improvised bed I haven’t found it yet! Sometimes my human doesn’t appreciate my using his spare wetsuit as a super-dog bed, but hey, my human doesn’t appreciate rolling in mud either so how smart can they really be?

One of my old stand by snooze spots is the front seat of our surf van, that seat has the best view, you can see everything through that front window and it’s warm, when I want to stretch out all I have to do is jump in the back and then I have a huge ‘room’ to explore and you never know what treasures I might find in the back of the van, the only disadvantage, it is inside.

Finally there is the ultimatebeach snooze spot…

You all know it, you know how you discover it, your walking down the beach checking everything out, sand crabs, empty seashells, great chew sticks and then you catch a whiff of pure heaven, the scent slowly wraps you in its fragrance, your ears perk up, your nose can’t stop snorting, then you realize what heavenly aroma has found its way into your world, it is like a gift from Poseidon himself. At that moment you realize you must have done something right in your life because there it is, in all its shimmering and aromatic glory…

       -A perfect pile of fresh seaweed that recently washed ashore and it smells fantastic!  

Don’t Forget…Email me at: pita@summerofsurf.com










Pita's Post #2

Pita's Post #2

Pita looking out her favorite window.

Pita looking out her favorite window.

Let's face it, humans are fun to keep around, they provide us with countless hours of entertainment and some great stories to share with our surf buddies. But like most pets you have to remind them now and then what is really important in life, and one of those things is 'The Walk.'

Today's post is all about 'How to take your human for a walk.' First and foremost, we all agree that walks are important, they are a necessity of life, but many times it is the kind of walk and the location of the walk that makes all the difference.

Of course we all know NOTHING beats a walk on the beach that is just the best! A walk around a lake, river or creek is a close second and then there is my other favorite, sort of a secret pleasure, my walk downtown when there is a street fair going on. Do you know how many hugs you get from kids?! A lot!!! The other things kids love to give you is...SNACKS!!! The last walk I took through a street fair I must have scored at least a dozen hot dogs from kids, it was great! Jamie and Minga couldn't figure out why I didn't want to go to the beach that afternoon for my regular run...I couldn't move I was so stuffed!

Anyway, back to walks, walks are important, from the practical side they help us 'take care of our business' but once that is done they are all about exploring, connecting with friends, checking out all the new smells and getting some fresh air.

Humans like to tell themselves they are for 'our exercise', they are so cute, a human couldn't keep up with our real exercise, but we let them believe we are getting some. That's why us dogs love our humans so much, they are just so cute.

A quick word about leashes and collars...both me and my friend Moose prefer the neck and chest collar, so much easier on us when we want to chase after something that might be there! Moose really likes RUFFWEAR products...they are pretty cool, but I think Moose really likes the name too cuz it sounds so cool. Check them out at: www.ruffwear.com

Now it's time for some more 'Hot Tips.'
Our humans can get busy that is for sure, sometimes they get forgetful about our needs for walks, we understand that, most times we can gently remind them "HEY, we have to go out!!!" It's all good, they are only humans, but it is the walks we really want to take that require some additional training, so here goes...

When you want to really 'go out' to see that best friend of yours, check out the new smells or find out if Mr. Peterson really does have the best trash cans in the neighborhood you have to pull out all the stops, I suggest the following:
-Practice your 'puppy eyes' look in a full-length mirror, don't forget the head tilt!
-Remember, loud, shrill barks won't win you any friends, practice your 'cute' bark.
-Humans love dogs that run around in circles; I don't have a clue what that is all about but hey, if it works, use it!
-Also, humans love snuggling, dogs that don't chew shoes, spill water when drinking or slobber on them, I don't understand that either, but whatever.
-Finally, 'the sad look' is a classic and will earn you a walk almost anytime!

Well, that's it and good luck and have fun out there.

Next week my friend Moose and I will discuss the merits of the best sleeping spots while our humans surf...
-The beach towel
-The surfboard bag
-The extra wetsuit
-The front seat of 'The Surf Mobile'
-The seaweed pile that washed up on the sand earlier that morning and smells fantastic!


Pita's Post #1

Pita's Post #1

Hi all, today's post is about surf wax; as you know I am somewhat of an expert in this field, after years of sampling all kinds of surf wax I feel confident to share my favorite. With so many brands of wax out there it is sometimes hard to make a decision about which one is your favorite, well, I am here to help.

Over the years I have tried so many waxes ranging from tropical temperature, to special Hawaiian blends, cold water wax and even SUP (Stand Up Paddle) wax, but now I feel I have finally found my wax.

You all know what it is like; you’re sitting on the beach, watching your human surf, enjoying the warmth of the sunshine and hanging with your buddies. A good fetch stick is alright for starters, but they don't really last, Jamie's water bottle is another fun one, sharing stories with your new friend Moose is good for awhile, but, and you all know it, there is really nothing like a good bar of surf wax!

So here it is, my favorite...and this is a solid recommendation from a true professional, is...
'Sticky Bumps' for Cool Water! This blend is fantastic, the scent is amazing, the consistency is just down right pleasant, and longevity is unbelievable, this stuff lasts! I have chewed them all and nothing really compares, so take it from me, when your at the beach for a day of surfing or just a quick morning paddle out to catch a few waves before work, 'Sticky Bumps' Cool Water is the one you want to try, you won't be disappointed.

A final 'Hot Tip', when your human looks at you and asks "Have you seen that bar of wax I left on the bumper?" Look them straight in the eyes, tilt your head to the side and give them that little grunt they all think is 'soooo cute', then just sit back and enjoy the pat on the head you are going to receive. You know, I really love Surfing!

Next weeks post...'How to take your human for a walk.'