Hi all, today's post is about surf wax; as you know I am somewhat of an expert in this field, after years of sampling all kinds of surf wax I feel confident to share my favorite. With so many brands of wax out there it is sometimes hard to make a decision about which one is your favorite, well, I am here to help.

Over the years I have tried so many waxes ranging from tropical temperature, to special Hawaiian blends, cold water wax and even SUP (Stand Up Paddle) wax, but now I feel I have finally found my wax.

You all know what it is like; you’re sitting on the beach, watching your human surf, enjoying the warmth of the sunshine and hanging with your buddies. A good fetch stick is alright for starters, but they don't really last, Jamie's water bottle is another fun one, sharing stories with your new friend Moose is good for awhile, but, and you all know it, there is really nothing like a good bar of surf wax!

So here it is, my favorite...and this is a solid recommendation from a true professional, is...
'Sticky Bumps' for Cool Water! This blend is fantastic, the scent is amazing, the consistency is just down right pleasant, and longevity is unbelievable, this stuff lasts! I have chewed them all and nothing really compares, so take it from me, when your at the beach for a day of surfing or just a quick morning paddle out to catch a few waves before work, 'Sticky Bumps' Cool Water is the one you want to try, you won't be disappointed.

A final 'Hot Tip', when your human looks at you and asks "Have you seen that bar of wax I left on the bumper?" Look them straight in the eyes, tilt your head to the side and give them that little grunt they all think is 'soooo cute', then just sit back and enjoy the pat on the head you are going to receive. You know, I really love Surfing!

Next weeks post...'How to take your human for a walk.'