Pita looking out her favorite window.

Pita looking out her favorite window.

Let's face it, humans are fun to keep around, they provide us with countless hours of entertainment and some great stories to share with our surf buddies. But like most pets you have to remind them now and then what is really important in life, and one of those things is 'The Walk.'

Today's post is all about 'How to take your human for a walk.' First and foremost, we all agree that walks are important, they are a necessity of life, but many times it is the kind of walk and the location of the walk that makes all the difference.

Of course we all know NOTHING beats a walk on the beach that is just the best! A walk around a lake, river or creek is a close second and then there is my other favorite, sort of a secret pleasure, my walk downtown when there is a street fair going on. Do you know how many hugs you get from kids?! A lot!!! The other things kids love to give you is...SNACKS!!! The last walk I took through a street fair I must have scored at least a dozen hot dogs from kids, it was great! Jamie and Minga couldn't figure out why I didn't want to go to the beach that afternoon for my regular run...I couldn't move I was so stuffed!

Anyway, back to walks, walks are important, from the practical side they help us 'take care of our business' but once that is done they are all about exploring, connecting with friends, checking out all the new smells and getting some fresh air.

Humans like to tell themselves they are for 'our exercise', they are so cute, a human couldn't keep up with our real exercise, but we let them believe we are getting some. That's why us dogs love our humans so much, they are just so cute.

A quick word about leashes and collars...both me and my friend Moose prefer the neck and chest collar, so much easier on us when we want to chase after something that might be there! Moose really likes RUFFWEAR products...they are pretty cool, but I think Moose really likes the name too cuz it sounds so cool. Check them out at: www.ruffwear.com

Now it's time for some more 'Hot Tips.'
Our humans can get busy that is for sure, sometimes they get forgetful about our needs for walks, we understand that, most times we can gently remind them "HEY, we have to go out!!!" It's all good, they are only humans, but it is the walks we really want to take that require some additional training, so here goes...

When you want to really 'go out' to see that best friend of yours, check out the new smells or find out if Mr. Peterson really does have the best trash cans in the neighborhood you have to pull out all the stops, I suggest the following:
-Practice your 'puppy eyes' look in a full-length mirror, don't forget the head tilt!
-Remember, loud, shrill barks won't win you any friends, practice your 'cute' bark.
-Humans love dogs that run around in circles; I don't have a clue what that is all about but hey, if it works, use it!
-Also, humans love snuggling, dogs that don't chew shoes, spill water when drinking or slobber on them, I don't understand that either, but whatever.
-Finally, 'the sad look' is a classic and will earn you a walk almost anytime!

Well, that's it and good luck and have fun out there.

Next week my friend Moose and I will discuss the merits of the best sleeping spots while our humans surf...
-The beach towel
-The surfboard bag
-The extra wetsuit
-The front seat of 'The Surf Mobile'
-The seaweed pile that washed up on the sand earlier that morning and smells fantastic!