'Pita's Post' #3

Ok friends, this it, we are going to start a conversation about something very near and dear to my heart...the most comfortable place to crash out, get a few ZZzzz's, soak up the warmth of the sun and all that really important stuff of life!

We, my friend Moose and I, have devoted some serious time to our research into this most important subject manner. I don't really know if our humans understand just how critical this is to ones' quality of life, we keep trying to demonstrate the positive effects, but hey, they are only human!
Beach time = Amazing time.
Taking a nap or a snooze at the beach = Heaven!

Since there is no arguing the value of nap, the only thing really left to discuss is the best thing to take a nap on. Early on I always assumed the beach blanket was the best choice, but then by pure accident I was introduced to the board bag. Those things are great! The bags are huge and they are covered in what looks like aluminum foil so they act like a giant toaster, on a cold afternoon or evening glass those bags have collected warmth and they are wonderful!

Another new addition to my beach snoozes is the wetsuit, neoprene is soooo toasty. They are soft, warm and squishy, if there is a better improvised bed I haven’t found it yet! Sometimes my human doesn’t appreciate my using his spare wetsuit as a super-dog bed, but hey, my human doesn’t appreciate rolling in mud either so how smart can they really be?

One of my old stand by snooze spots is the front seat of our surf van, that seat has the best view, you can see everything through that front window and it’s warm, when I want to stretch out all I have to do is jump in the back and then I have a huge ‘room’ to explore and you never know what treasures I might find in the back of the van, the only disadvantage, it is inside.

Finally there is the ultimatebeach snooze spot…

You all know it, you know how you discover it, your walking down the beach checking everything out, sand crabs, empty seashells, great chew sticks and then you catch a whiff of pure heaven, the scent slowly wraps you in its fragrance, your ears perk up, your nose can’t stop snorting, then you realize what heavenly aroma has found its way into your world, it is like a gift from Poseidon himself. At that moment you realize you must have done something right in your life because there it is, in all its shimmering and aromatic glory…

       -A perfect pile of fresh seaweed that recently washed ashore and it smells fantastic!  

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