Pita’s Post #4

Guess what I just found out? My humans are going out of town for a week and my friend Erik and his daughter Pilar and her best friend Hannah are going to stay with me and watch over me! Now, I’m going to tell you how to maximize such a windfall of pure good times…

First and foremost, you have to act like you are totally heartbroken that your humans are leaving, that way when, upon their return, you can get the most loving, snuggling, snacks and extra dog rubs as possible. Remember to also give your humans your best ‘puppy dog eyes’ when they return, it is a guarantee Treat Magnet! As your humans pull away give them that last look like that you will never survive their absence and then as soon as they turn the corner you go to work on your dog-sitter friends.

Here is what I have found out about dog-sitters, there is only two types, the ones that do the bare minimum and then there are the ones that are way over the top and they truly love you…that’s what mine are like! It is the best, they are loving, sweet and…they spoil you big time because they ‘don’t want you to be sad’ … humans are so goofy!

I have 9-days of fun on the beach coming! Dog movies, walks at the harbor, running in the park, sleeping next to Pilar, trips to Petco, special snacks, beach runs and hanging out at the office, this is going to be great!

The big guy even made me a new leash…yea…like I’m going to run away from this gig, humans are so cute! I even heard him talking about having a BBQ on the beach and he told his daughter that they should “cook up something special for me” this is going to be so much fun!

So remember the important points of this type of situation:

-Sad dog eyes are super important.

-Massive tail wagging and totally body shaking is generally good for extra hugs and snacks.

-Good Dog-Sitters rarely know how long your ‘usual’ walks last…haha….

-Set the standards of care you want the very first day they are on the job no there is zero need to re-negotiate the terms of your attention requirements.

-Remind your human Dog-Sitter that bacon is part of your regular DAILY diet.

-Make sure your humans believe that every new dog you meet on your walk is an old friend that you HAVE to spend quite a bit of time with hanging out and catching up!

-Remember…bacon is a DAILY requirement!

Finally…REMEMBER when your humans return break out the sad doggie eyes and act like their absence was the worst experience of your life…then prepared to be spoiled all over again!

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