Wow, my humans have been gone over a week now and are due back tomorrow night, I have missed them for sure and I can’t wait until they get home. But, I must admit, I have been having a blast, Pilar and Hannah sleepovers, TONS of attention, snuggling, movies, walks, trips to stores, the harbor, the beach...and all I have to do is switch on the ‘sad-eyes, I miss my Mom and Dad’ look and I even get The Big Guy eating out of my hand! We’ve been to ‘The Wharf’ for dog treats and a ‘Doggie Day’, we’ve checked out surf shops, the cashier at Lowe’s thinks “I’m adorable”, even the scary-looking, tattooed mechanic thinks “I’m cool”, not sure what that meant but he was petting me and smiling when he said it so it must be good!

Now, on to some important tips I’ve learned this week…

-If you have to take medication make your human believe you need a whole bunch of turkey to swallow it!

-When the girls ask you if you want to watch a movie with them…ALWAYS climb up on the couch and snuggle, they always forget how many treats they have given you while their show is on!

-When the Big Guy is scrambling eggs for breakfast remember the ‘I have never eaten before in my life look’ it works every time! Note: This is especially funny because he had just fed me minutes ago, humans…you got to love them, no matter how goofy they are.

-When you are playing catch/fetch with your human, just pretend he is the best pitcher in the world…    

On to something really important…

Sleeping…the strategy to maintain control of the whole bed is simple…when your human lays down, spread out and push them to one side and then give them the puppy-dog eyes look, it works every time, the Big Guy gave up early and just sleeps on the couch, I do love my humans! I get up every morning well-rested and ready for another day of adventure and surfing!

Hot Flash News: We went and got new DVD’s for Surf Camp today! So, next week…new movies for our rides to and from the beach!

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