Hi Surfers, Pita here! I can't believe its already almost half way through July, last time I posted I was enjoying fireworks for the 4th of July, chasing my tail in circles and snuggling with my Humans cuz the fireworks were bothering my ears. But, I made it through that and now we are surfing like crazy, the waves have been great, kids are having fun and I’m getting more walks and runs on the beach, life is good as a Surf-Office Dog!

My Humans have been working on a Surf Van, it is soooo cool, it has everything, tables, a sofa-bed which I can’t wait to try out, a shower, cooking stuff, a really cool ice-chest thing to store my snacks, a surfboard holder, a ladder to the top deck and a pop-up tent thing, it is very cool, especially for Dog Surf Expeditions! More to follow on that soon, but the thing I really want to talk about is sunscreen…DID YOU KNOW DOGS CAN GET SUNBURNED TOO!?!?!

I sure didn’t, I was visiting my Vet; I stop into say “Hi” now and then, plus they give me treats and I do have my picture on the wall, being a ‘Super-Star Celebrity Surf-Office Dog’ and all, plus they are really nice Humans too. Anyway, the Doc told me I have to stay protected from the sun as well…WHAT...I’m a dog! So, I guess its Doggie Zinc for me too!

I guess John and Garrett’s ‘Re-Apply’ song counts for me as well. So Surfers…remember to

‘Re-Apply’ your sunscreen often! Summer of Surf is big believers in Zinc! There is nothing like an SPF 50 Broad Spectrum Zinc Oxide to protect us Surfers from the sun and keep us from getting a bit toasted while playing in our surf!

Speaking of Surf, my Human, Jamie was surfing yesterday and he was joined by a bunch of the original Surfers…Dolphins! There was dozens in the water with him, riding waves right next to him, jumping out of the water, playing, surfing, ‘talking’ with their surfing dolphin buddies, sharing the stoke, I don’t know who had more fun, my Human or the Dolphins, but he was sure excited when he got out of the water! 

Before I go, I hear all my new movie choices for the van ride were good! I did have a little bit of help in picking them out by two of my human friends Pilar and Hannah!

Don’t forget to email me with any Surf-Office Dog questions you have or to just say “Hi”