Hi Campers, Pita here checking in on your summer of surfing and other adventures, hoping you are all having Big Fun. The surf has been fun, the weather has been great, I’m still hiking and going to the beach everyday even with all my official responsibilities has Office-Surf Dog of our programs. My humans are continuing to take me to my more advanced swim lessons and my office visits are getting a bit longer but that’s ok, I have lots of friends at both.

Today I wanted to talk about something very important to me and our beach and oceans…

TRASH!!!!! I took a walk on the beach the other day and you would not believe all the junk I found there! It was almost scary, there I was enjoying our beautiful beach and I starting stepping on all sorts of things that don’t belong on our beaches! 

We have some great friends that have made it their life mission to keep our oceans and waterways clean and healthy and I want to share what they do and we want to become part of their commitment as well. 

H2O Trash Patrol, www.h2otrashpatrol.com  has a mission of ‘Marine Conservation & Water Stewardship through Marine Debris Removal, Prevention and Education’ what that all means…

They pick-up trash someone else has thoughtlessly left in our water!!! Thank you H2O Trash Patrol, by patrolling those hard to reach corners of waterways on SUP’s (Stand Up Paddleboards) Surfers Lorenzo and Patti successfully prevented more than 5,900 pounds of junk from reaching our oceans and beaches! Way to go H2O Trash Patrol…Thank you! 

So Surfers, lets help them out, don’t throw your junk in our waterways, pick-up your trash, spread the word bout what H2O Trash Patrol is doing, follow their example, volunteer, help them out, help ourselves out, help our ocean out! Trash goes in a trash can, NOT our waterways and ocean!

 Check out H2O Trash Patrol’s website and think before you drop that trash! 

By the way, don’t miss their film Junk in Public if you get a chance, its great! 

All for now,