Hi Surfers,

Pita here, guess what? My humans are home! It was great to see them, cuddle, bark, shake my tail, run and roll around! I missed them, we’ve been running, walking at the beach, we even went by the Summer of Surf office and I saw my other humans, Erik and Pilar, that took care of me while my Mom and Dad where gone, ahhh…it is great to be Surf/Office dog!

Today is The 4th of July, I’m not sure what that all means to us dogs but I do know you humans love feeding us hot dogs today! So, as far as I am concern the 4th of July is a GREAT Holiday. I’ve been practicing my best Patriotic Eyes look…here comes HOT DOGS! Special Note: The under the picnic table Hot Dog Snag is soooo good, all the humans think they are the only one giving me a hot dog!  

Tonight can be a bit scary with all those fireworks going off so I’m just going to hang out in the house with my humans reassuring me it is all just part of the celebrations. It is probably a good idea to just relax inside anyway…I have going to be stuffed with hot dogs!

Guess what Summer of Surf Campers…my human friend Erik got about 20-new movies for our Surf Camp transport! New movies, I can’t wait to watch them all myself!

Have a happy and safe 4th of July and we’ll see you at the beach!