Surfing the Grass!



Surfing the Grass with Summer of Surf

Summer of Surf can come to your school to give your students an introduction to the world of surfing. We share techniques, stories, and hands-on activities to help future surfers understand the basics before they actually get in the water.

We have created a curriculum that simulates surfing on dry land by placing surfboards on top of inner-tubes. The instability caused by the inner-tube accurately recreates the movements of a board in the water. Our students go through a series of exercises lead by our instructors that teach them the fundamentals on a surfboard, all while challenging their ability to balance. Students will leave the lesson having learned about the basic techniques of surfing, the parts of a surfboard, as well as some useful ocean safety techniques. 

Upon completion of the event, each student receives a Summer of Surf sticker and a one-time discount code for signing up for any of our surf camps or day programs.    

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