Surfing the Grass?



Surfing the Grass with Summer of Surf

Surfing the grass? What are those goofy kids up to at Summer of Surf, how can you surf the grass?

Well, let me tell you…When Summer of Surf comes to your school or program our Instructors are there to give the young surfers an introduction to the world of wave riding. We share techniques, stories, and insights to help the soon-to-be surfers succeed when they actually get on the water. For years the problem with providing an introduction to surfing far away from the beach is a way to replicate what it really ‘feels’ like to paddle, pop-up and ‘ride’ a surfboard.

Through the creativity and the improvise, adapt and overcome beliefs of Summer of Surf, we give you…Surfing the Grass!

Trying to explain to our young surfers that one of the most unique aspects of surfing is that you have 3-moving components as you ride a wave; the water is moving, the surfboard is moving and your body is moving; the challenge is to create that sensation of movement on dry land. Through the magic of innovation, and an inner-tube and surfboard, Summer of Surf has created a way to facilitate all those movements while being on the grass an hour away from the beach.

By placing the surfboards that they will be riding on top of an inner-tube you can accurately create all those movements; the additional benefit is the self-confidence builder the experience creates. Traditionally the surfers rotate through the ‘class’ on their regular classroom or program schedule, we have approximately six surf stations set-up and the surfers go through a series of exercises cumulating with the fun of ‘Surfing the Grass.’ The kids support, joke, cajole, challenge and play while learning the basics which help ensure future success on the water.

Summer of Surf also has a variety of oceanographic curriculum available for grades K-12 for Teachers and Instructors to build lesson plans around and that will support current and/or future courses of studies. We can also provide lesson plan outlines that cover a variety of subject matter garnered from the Southern California Marine Institute and the Ocean Studies Institute. We also draw data and modified curriculum from such resources as the American Meteorological Society’s Ocean Studies program, American Cetacean Society and Scripps Research Institute.

Upon completion of the event, each young surfer receives a Summer of Surf information and surfing facts ‘Fun Sheet’, a sticker and a one-time discount code for signing up for any of our surf camps or day programs.    

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