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Jamie Morrison

Jamie as ‘Founder and Head Innovator’ of Summer of Surf set all this high adventure in motion years ago while studying and preparing to graduate from UC Berkeley, and it has been a fabulous ride. His innovative thinking coupled with his passion for education and surfing has created a unique and progressive program. Jamie is a true Waterman; his work as a Lifeguard and Swimming Instructor at the Altadena Town and Country Club for years set the basis for his transition from a land-based mammal to an ocean-based mammal. Next came Water Polo Team Captain, then Surf Instructor, and CEO of Summer of Surf. Jamie has surfed up and down the coast of California, The North Shore of Hawaii, New Zealand, Bali Indonesia. While in Chile in 2013 he was a Surf Instructor for all sizes of groups and private lessons. Jamie also served as a Judge of the 2013 Maitencillo Surf Competition. Jamie has had huge success with his surf classes through his attention to safety and tailoring each lesson to the unique needs of his students. Along with creating an awesome surfing program, Jamie is one half of the team that rescued our Office/Surf Dog…Pita!

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Minga Opazo

Minga is an all-around outdoor adventure woman! Rock-climber, Surfer, Traveler; Minga comes from a family of Surfers from her home country of Chile. Her uncle was one of a few individuals to jump-start surfing in Chile 20 years ago. Minga grew-up surfing and helping instruct at the first surf camp in Chile. In addition, Minga is an accomplished and in demand artist! A graduate from UC Berkeley with a degree in Art, Minga brings a multi-dimensional perspective to Summer of Surf. She is also our Creative Consultant on anything that requires and benefits from an artist's perspective. With safety of all our surfers at the top of her list, she brings smiles to our campers faces and a new sense of accomplishment to their day. Another important side note…Minga is the other half of the Super-Dog Pita ‘Rescue Team!’


Garrett Wax

Garrett is our Head Counselor, Surf Instructor, Lifeguard and all around Rock Star! 14 years of surfing and 8 years of teaching at surf camps around the world have made Garrett the model of what a surf instructor should be. His easy going yet professional attitude makes him a favorite of every student/surfer that has had the opportunity to paddle out with him. Garrett has surfed the local coast from Mexico to Northern California, along with the shores of Maui, Chile, New Zealand and Australia. His unsurpassed surf and water knowledge combined with his passion to get kids of all ages safely experiencing nature makes Garrett one our favorites. He competed on the surf team at the University of San Diego, and graduated with a degree in Communications in 2014. Garrett was also the Water Polo and Swim Team Captain at Flintridge Preparatory School in La Canada. Garrett’s extensive teaching and surf experience ensures that any camper lucky enough to surf with him will have the time of their life!

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zach james

Zach is our General Manager in charge of Marketing, Operations, and Customer Service. Growing up in Glendale, Zach got his start teaching youngsters as a kids snowboard instructor while in high school, he then went on to earn a degree in Anthropology from UC Berkeley. During a sabbatical from his decade long career in the entertainment industry, Zach joined the Summer of Surf team as a counselor and soon after came on full-time as the General Manager. His passion for surfing, beach culture, ocean preservation, and shaping the next generation of responsible beach goers, make him a perfect addition to the Summer of Surf family, and his youthful spirit provides him with plenty of energy to chase kids around in the sand all day.


Pita (super dog)

Pita  (office dog) started out life on the tough side of the tracks; she was hanging with an unsavory crew, carousing late at night scrounging for every meal when she was discovered by Jamie and Minga! After that her life changed dramatically, she had a bath, her first in months, got her teeth brushed and started enjoying regular meals that did not come out of an overturned trash can. She went to the beach, got countless hugs and warmth from all she met. She is in-charge of all things surf-dog and relaxation related. Her office duties include lying on the rug, occasionally barking at nothing, occasionally barking at something, snuggling and ‘listening’ to all our staff’s questions about life. Pita also volunteers for all taste-testing operations of whatever food happens to be in the office.