Summer of SurfAmbassadors

Referral Program

At Summer of Surf, we are blessed to have the most radical campers to hang with all summer. We owe this to our amazing parents and families for passionately spreading the word about our camp, and introducing us to even more awesome Summer of Surfers. We decided it was time to reward all of you for doing just this, so we are introducing the Summer of Surf Ambassadors: Referral Program.

Does your camper have friends that want to come to Summer of Surf? We’ll give them 10% off and give you $25 for each new camper you send our way, and it gets better… That’s just the first five, starting with your sixth referral, it goes up to $50 per camper! Thats right fifty, five-zero, 48+2, 5x10, five-oh, FIFTY bucks!

But how? You ask… it’s simple. We will give you a personalized discount code (your Ambassador Number), and every time a new camper registers using your Ambassador Number, BOOM, they get 10% off and we credit your account with your referral fee.

Of course, there are a few restrictions… This offer applies only to first time campers. Ten percent discount for new campers cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion (e.g. Early Bird, New Neighbor, etc.). Discount only valid for initial purchase. Unfortunately, we cannot offer any retroactive referral fees.

Interested? Send us an email and we will get you set up!