A typical day of camp at Summer of Surf


Bus Pick up

 (Time varies depending on location)

-Sign in and hop in the bus

-Meet our counselors

-Watch movies on the way to the beach!

-Snacks are provided


Morning meeting

 10:15 am –10:45 am

- Prepare campers w/ sunscreen and wetsuits

-Introduce instructors/campers

-Go over surf conditions for the day

-New campers receive a full introductory surf lesson on sand before entering water


Water session #1

 10:45 am – 12 pm


            *Advanced group (4/1 ratio)

            *New Surfers group (1/1 ratio)

-Body Boarding

-Swimming / Bodysurfing



12:00 pm – 12:25 pm

-Re-apply Sunscreen, Hydrate, Relax


Afternoon Activity

 12:25 pm -12:40 pm

-Beach games to get moving after lunch

            *Soccer, capture the flag, happy ball, surf flags, etc


Water Session #2

 12:40 pm – 1:30 pm


            *Advanced group (4/1 ratio)

            *New Surfers Group (1/1 ratio)

-Body Boarding

-Swimming/body surfing



Wrap Up

1:30 pm -2 pm

-Gather all gear, change, make sure our site is clean!


Bus ride home

2 pm-3:15 pm (depending on traffic)


-End of day snacks


Bus Pick up

(Time depends on location)