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What’s a CIT? CIT’s are Counselors in Training; they are the backbone of our volunteer support staff! Summer of Surf is super-grateful and stoked for our CIT’S!

Do you want to become a CIT?

Well, here is what it takes…

-You must have attended Summer of Surf camp(s) in the past.

-You must love the ocean! Have proficiency with surfing, bodyboarding, body surfing. 

-Work well with others, and enjoy sharing your knowledge with our new surfers.

-You must believe in SUNSCREEN!

-Talk, joke, sing, help re-apply sunscreen, help get into wetsuits, haul stuff to and from the beach, have fun, stay safe, be responsible, follow directions, give directions, have fun…

-Be willing to make SAFETY your top priority!

What you receive for being a CIT

-Summer of Surf’s endless gratitude!

-A great reference from us!

-A great experience!

-Hard work.

-Develop friendships

-Learn valuable work ethics and life-skills

-Spend your summer at the beach

-Teamwork, confidence and helping new surfers experience the joy you found in surfing!

Plus our CIT’s enjoy an end-of-season ‘Appreciation Event’

-Food, fun, stories

-Exclusive Staff/CIT Merchandise

-Camping, Surfing, BBQ  

For more information contact Jamie at: